Cheap Flights to Ercan

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If you would like to come to Northern Cyprus here for your holidays then you must know that there are no direct flights. All flights reach Ercan International Airport via Turkey. Visitors who wish to come here for their holidays will have to get down for half an hour or so at Turkey Airport before they land on Ercan International Airport.

North Cyprus is accessible through many airlines. With Republic of Cyprus joining EU in the year 2004, it has become easier for the EU traveler to reach any part of the island. Ercan International Airport is in North Cyprus. There are many option for those who come here. Visitors can have the chance to fly to Istanbul or get connected to International flights from Istanbul or they can have the chance to fly to UK or Germany.

Visitors or the travelers can have the chance to fly to North Cyprus from Turkey or from North Cyprus to Turkey. There is another thing that which is needed to be told here is that visitors can also have the choice to get down at Larnaca International Airport or Paphos International Airport. Visitors will not have to worried over anything as they can have the choice to hire a car or a taxi from there to come to North Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus doesn't accept any direct flights from any where. All flights must reach turkey first. Most of the passenger will have to change flights at Atatürk Airport at Istanbul in Turkey. Turkish Airline Flights will take you to north part of the Cyprus island. Connecting flights form there will be easier to find. Often, the passengers will have to wait for an hour or so. Inconvenience or delay in flight arrival will be reported much beforehand. It may take an hour to get to connecting flights from Turkish airlines.

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UK travelers or UK visitors who would love to come to Northern Cyprus can have the choice to come to Turkish airport in Istanbul so as to go to Northern Cyprus. Visitors can fly to turkey to get to Northern Cyprus from Manchester, London Stansted, Birmingham London and Gatwick.